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Top 3 Making Old School Runescape Gold Guides

Are you looking to make some quick Gold in Old School Runescape ? Look no further! In this guide, we will be discussing some unusual Gold-makers in the game that can help you make a fortune in no time. Collecting undead raw beef This meat can only be obtained by killing undead cows on Alice's Farm west of Port Phasmatys. It cannot be traded on the Grand Exchange, but it can be traded amongst players, making it perfect as a collectible item. There are tens of thousands of players on Runescape who collect unique and untradable items like this. Check out the RS Burnt Discord or other similar marketplaces to find players who are looking to buy this item. To collect undead raw beef, set up a cannon in the cow pen and let it go to work on the undead cows. Use a rapier to finish off any that happen to survive. Every time your inventory is full of raw undead beef, teleport to the crafting guild bank and then teleport back with the electrophile. If your runner energy happens to get low, ju

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