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How to PVP with the help of Old School Runescape Yuri Emote

Are you ready to PVP on OSRS ? Here's a step-by-step Old School Runescape guide on how to do it with the help of Yuri Emote. Step 1: Find a player with the Yuri Emote unlocked. To use the Yuri Emote, you'll need to find a player who has it unlocked. One way to do this is to look for streamers who have it unlocked, such as Seb Slays. You can also find players with their skill cape or the Yuri Emote unlocked in the rope cave. Once you've found someone with the emote, you're ready for the next step. Step 2: Use the Yuri Emote to your advantage. As the player is performing the Yuri Emote, they will be unable to move, eat food or turn on prayer until the emote is finished. This is the perfect opportunity for you to spec them and get an easy kill. Remember that some emotes can take up to 10 seconds to complete, so time your attack accordingly. Step 3: Trick your opponent into doing an emote. Another way to PK someone is to trick them into doing an emote. This can be risky, a

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