Find Your Next Game: Hardware Edition - That s what awaits you

In the first week of November, you get to our website and the stream the full load of gaming hardware. MeinMMO just imagine what her to Find Your Next Game: expect Hardware Edition can !

When is FYNG hardware? From November 1 to November 7, everything revolves on,, test and in our live streaming channels GameStar on Youtube and Monsters and explosion at Twitch to hardware. Okay, we will of course continue as usual report on games. That, what you play, is in the first week of November but especially in the foreground.

Whether graphics cards, consoles or mice - we ll tell you how to find the best for you model that most brings out from your hardware and test we brand new and popular components for you - including exotics like Razer s breathing mask Zeyphr with RGB lighting.

All this not only program streaming happens on our website, but also in a two-day on Wednesday (November 3) and Thursday (4 November). Rejoice, among other hard-hitting facts about Intel s upcoming Core i-12000 processors, a hardware quiz contest and our great experts debate: Who can build a gaming PC faster (and better) together?

All Highlights and articles on, and test

The awaits you: Which highlight items you expect on each day on our website, learn it in this paragraph. Once you have been released, we complement the right links. In addition, you will find the program plan for our stream at the end of the article.

All published articles hardware edition of Find Your Next Game Show last but not least our overview pages at the following links:

FYNG HW on FYNG HW on FYNG HW on test

1. November

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2 . November

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3 . November

Upgrade graphics card or not? So you find the optimal video card - GameStar Guide Steam deck reality check - GamePro analysis How the AOC AGON AGK700 gaming keyboard is good in the test? - MeinMMO test

4 . November

Core i9 12900K in the test: Can Intel AMD beat again? - Gamestar test

The Xbox Series X / S One Year after Release: What has happened? - GamePro analysis Why should you when gaming PC does not see the case - MeinMMO Guide

Playing SQUID GAME With My GIRLFRIEND ???? 5 . November

What is a gaming keyboard really important? - GameStar Guide Valves failed hardware excursions into the living room - GamePro Index Roccat Torch and Blue Yeti Nano in comparison test - MeinMMO test

6 . November

To quite extremely popular? This can include the Logitech G Pro X Superlight - Gamestar test PlayStation VR on the PS5 is blessing and a curse - GamePro test SteelSeries Prime Mini Tests - MeinMMO test

7 . November

Breathing mask instead of gaming hardware: Razer tried Zephyr - Gamestar test The great buying guide for used consoles - GamePro Guide How much DPI needs a gaming mouse? - MeinMMO Guide

With Find Your Next Game hardware we want to present you with our colleagues of GameStar and GamePro new gaming hardware MeinMMO.