Pokémon Go Feiert Morgen Day of the Dead

Inpokémon Go launches the event Día de Muertos to the day of the dead. This brings event bonuses, a collector challenge, wild Pokémon, the chance of shinys and 2 gifts. We show you all content.

For the very first time, Pokémon Go celebrates the day of the dead not only in Mexico and share America, but worldwide with the coaches. There are some bonuses that you want to exploit the two event days.

We show you the wild spawns, shinys and gifts that belong to the event.

Day of the dead events in Pokémon Go

When is it going? The event starts on Monday, November 1, at 10:00. It is active until Tuesday, November 2 at 22:00.

Which bonuses are there? Smoke and Lockmodules hold 90 minutes instead of 30 minutes during the event. To do this, you will receive twice dust for catching Pokémon.

Collector Challenge: Suitable for the event there will be a collector challenge. You can find them at the Today s overview. If you succeed successfully, awaits you an encounter with Ninjatom. You also receive a Knursp and a smoke item.

Get the gifts: In the shop of Pokémon Go you will find a free event box. It contains 20 poké balls and a smoke item. For this you can also find a free T-shirt for Día de Muertos for your Avatar. In the following picture you can take a look at the T-shirts:

Which Pokémon spawn? The following Pokémon spawn during the events in the wilderness. If they are marked with a star ( ), then you can also meet them as Shiny.

Trago Sun core Kramurx Doguster Zobiris Roselia Sonnflora Driftlon Makabaja

Pokémon made of smoke and lock modules:

Trago Sun core Sonnflora Kramurx Doguster Zobiris Driftlon Alola-Knogga Makabaja

From field research:

Trago Sun core Roselia Alola-Knogga

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What happens in PvP? As of November 1 at 00:00 runs in Pokémon GO a day of struggle. Is active then to 23:59. As a bonus, you bring the day of struggle four times stardust for victories.

Remember, that on November 2, a spotlight-hour Pokémon GO starts. You can expect in the Pokémon Tuska and a sweet bonus. Here on MeinMMO we show you an overview of all the limelight hours in November and their bonuses.

So you now listed ever the most important dates for you so that you will not miss anything.


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