Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0.1 Live Update, Published Full Patch Notes

Last week he finally saw the launch of the Great Update 2.0.0 for animal Crossing: New Horizons in Nintendo Switch, as well as the debut of the happy paradise DLC. Fans really seem to be enjoying the new content, but several errors have been reported in recent days. One of the elders was a problem that happened if a player requested remodeling the house of a resident while the airport doors were open. Fortunately, Nintendo has launched version 2.0.1 of the game and addresses this problem, as well as several others. Complete patch notes directly from the company can be found below:

Problems solved

Solved a problem that could happen if a player requested remodeling the house of a resident while the airport door was open. A problem was solved by which the Kiki and Leila s article was done by mistake in Nook Shopping as not for sale. A problem was solved by which coconut juice and frozen candy game elements did not appear on the varying tab for DIY recipes. A problem was solved by which the element of the river floor that flowed was not correctly in photonic or in the houses of the expanded players when it was placed horizontally. A problem was solved by which some residents were trying to cook using something that was not a kitchen article in their home. A problem was solved by which residents who visited a player s house spoke as if they were in the cafeteria.

Resolved problems related to DLC

The following problems related to the DLC of payment ANIMAL CROSSING: New Horizons — Happy Home Paradise have been fixed.

A problem was solved that allowed players to continue with the game without designing school when it would normally be necessary to design the school. If you have saved data where it proceeded without designing the school, you can use the following methods to restore your data saved to the appropriate conditions. For players who have not remodeled school: After completing 1 or 2 more jobs, and no other event is activated at that time, the event will be activated to design the school. For players who have remodeled the school: The event to design the school will not be activated, but the features that normally unlock from the event to design the school (such as furniture and the size of the room) can be used When your next job begins. A problem was solved that caused an error when using amino to change members in an installation. A problem was solved by which you could get nabs innumerable times by Joan in the hospital. A problem was solved by which the element of the mature sugar cane plant was unlocked by obtaining tomatoes.

Obviously, this update is not as exciting as the one that debuted last week, but these error corrections should be a welcome view, independently! Nintendo has declared that there will be no important content updates for the game after version 2.0.0 and Hagar happy paradise, but the correction of occasional errors was always part of the plan. Now that 2.0.1 is available, with luck Animal Crossing fans can simply enjoy the game without worrying about other problems that arise!

Animal Crossing New Horizons - New UPDATE PATCH Released (Major Issues Fixed) ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS is now available, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

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