Apex Legends Uuum sponsored Ebe Matsuri Gaiden 2 winter general match result summary! What shines at the top of the draft team...

Basic play for electronics and arts Free Battle Royal FPS APEX Legends. From UUU, an invitation system draft organization meeting EBE Mitsuki Garden 2 winter general using this work was held on November 13th.

EBE Mature is a large-scale casual event that achieves collaboration that has a total of 60 popular distributors, such as video creators, streamers, original / current professional gamers, and collaboration across communities.

In this EBE Mature Garden 2 Winter General, 20 leaders appointed members in advance and decided the team by the Draft Festival Large Conference on the day. It will be a daylight-only celebration that takes place without an instant team and practice period.

In addition, this time, another tournament Solo lapping Apex Tournament (Named from Super Absent Apex Tournament) partially introduces a solo battle royal. In addition to competing with teams, I also enjoyed individual war of incandescent.

Twenty teams formed with a draft conference. In the first game, the storm point of the new map is on the stage. How a total of 6 games including solo battle royal is....

5th result below is here!

5th: Shoehorn Team (Shaw Ron / Shibuya Hull / Little) 6th place: Taken Team (Taken / Spirea / Puccini) 7th: Holding Teams 8th: BOBSAPPAIM Team (BOBSAPPAIM / Sorry / Ema) 9th: Fish light ash Team (Ashley / Stylishness / Tony Kite) 10th: V.I.p Team (v.i.p / USAF / Hiking) 11th place: Osamuantinus III team (OAuth Nus III / NIR / Motor) 12th: Snowier Team 13th: Singing Make Team (Singing Mesa / Kinko / Handgun) 14th: 1tappy Team (1tappy / Don Pisa / Toshimitsu) 15: KURIM4RU Team (KURIM4RU / SLP / MAS UO) 16th: Loyang team 17th: SHU3 Team (Shu3 / Some / La) 18th: や 先 Team 19th: Tacoma team 20: K4SEN Team (K4SEN / Bodice / Ar s Alma)

The champions were taken with a total of 5 times a battle royal, and it was the Maggi Team, BOBSAPPAIM Team, Yoshinama Team, Yoshinamoto Team, and Case Team. Even if I entered the final game, the upper rank was an antagonistic condition, but I got a winning trophy....

It is this team that shines to the land of glory!

It was the Agar Team that won the victory!

Even in the last game where Kill point is doubled, the Agar Team showed a stable movement, and finally shines in the first place in the form of reversing. The order of 4 or more places is as follows.

1st place: Call Team (Kiera / Black Knight Y / Kai) 2nd place: EUNICE team (EUNICE / TA1YO / NDA) 3rd: Audi Team 4th place: Yoshinama team (Ostinati / Yuyun / Red hair)

The leading actor award that has also been elected this tournament is Hiking.

The leading actress award is flower bud smooth.

The ME Award is Book.

And Agar was chosen for the MVP of the tournament.

The number of simultaneous viewers of the tournament book delivery is more than 100,000, and this time also showed a great success this time. Many dramas were born this time such as clutch play and the success of surprising legends. The matching of the real condition and the commentary of the commentary also exchanges the tournament from another angle.

Such a fierce fighting tournament can be confirmed from this archive. If you have not watched yet, please take a look.