Board Games Sale in the Black Friday Week

Get cheap board games at Alternate, including winter of the dead, homicides and classics such as the settlers of Satan or Monopoly.

You have enough of games for the console, PC components and 4K TVs with or without HDMI 2.1? You just want to play a board game again? Then look at Alternate in the Great Black Friday Sale and lets the technology left.

Board games to Black Friday Week

Homicide for 64.90 euros

Homicide is a cooperative board game for 1-6 persons. In 25 missions, the players take over the role of survivors of the zombie apocalypse and solve a scenario after another. The players are stronger with every round and find better equipment, much like in a role-playing game.

Although the pack is released from 12 years, but still homicide is no game for every child, after all, the killing of zombies is an integral part of each parties. A Propose: A game lasts one hour or more.

Who is the game suitable for? Homicide is ideal for fans of cooperative games that are happy to agree and agree on a common approach. With notorious individual teams this game will cause little joy. The 2nd edition has many comfort changes, so that the entry is still easier. And most commonly said, especially zombie fans will have a hidden fun with the lovingly designed figures and missions.

Buy Homicide at Alternate

Winter of the dead: a game with fate

Again Apocalypse and again zombies? Jan. Sure, even here there are zombies, but they are less focused than in Homicide. You can imagine winter of the dead rather like The Walking Dead. The framework is shaped by the zombie apocalypse, but actually interpersonal relationships and tragedies are in the foreground.

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You have to get food for your group, defend them to enemies from the outside and also finish with internal crises. The central aspect of the game is deciding — and your decisions have noticeable consequences. Winter of the dead is designed for 2-5 players and has an age recommendation of 14 years upwards. A game lasts 60 minutes and longer.

Who can start something with the game? Again, cooperative players are addressed, where they can come to conflicts. You are not only together against the zombies, but maybe you have traitors in your center. For all, which can not get enough of decisions with real consequences.

Winter of the dead buy at Alternate

Satan, monopoly, risk

From now no zombies more, promised! Anyone who gives rise to the classics or new editions just to play games, will definitely find something. At Alternate there are various monopoly variants, risk and the settlers of Satan.

Board games to Black Friday Week

In addition, with the legends of Ardor and Harry Potter — fight for Hogwarts, you have the opportunity to dive into beautiful healing fantasy worlds instead of in a dystopia. Here is really something for almost everyone.

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