COD Warzone: All events and playlists in November - When will the map be destroyed?

Incod: Warzone are all the playlists and events that expect you in November 2021. In this overview, we show you the most important dates and when the end of the Warzone Map Verdansk is pending.

What is new? Regularly the playlists are changed in COD Warzone, where game modes are moved into the limelight. There are events that are supposed to surprise you with cool, limited game modes and special rewards.

We show you everything that is already known to the events in November 2021 and what dates you should remember.

Events & Playlists in November


When do the events start?

Operation Flashback on 18 November Secrects of the Pacific on November 24th Last Hours of Verdansk on November 30th

Below in the article we go more closely on the contents of the events.

When do which playlists start?

What happens at Operation Flashback?

When s it going? on 18 November.

What is in it? To this event there is a Limited Time mode called Operation Flashback. There you should encounter many events from the past of Verdansk.

So reward is an emblem for participating in the event and an animated calling card, if you can win a victory. More information about the mode should give it just before the start.

What happens at Secrets of the Pacific?

When s it going? on November 24th.

What is in it? With this LIMITED TIME event, you should learn more about the new Caldera map. In Vanguard and Warzone there are different challenges that can be solved. So it should be in Verdansk your task to find and defend different Pacific Artefacts.

What happens at last Hours of Verdansk?

When s it going? on November 30th.

What is inside? What exactly happens at this event is unclear. However, it s your last hour with the Verdansk map as you know. So enjoy the last moments as long as it goes.

Are you looking forward to the new story? Trailer shows the beginning of the new Story of Warzone with Vanguard.


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