FC Schalke 04 even overtakes the BVB: Sleeve-high

Despite the Gelsenkirchen rewardsy descent including Bundesliga descent, the FC Schalke 04 has left his worst Rivals Borussia Dortmund in one thing this year: The traditional club from Gelsenkirchen rewards more members in this calendar year than the BVB.

This is from the numbers of the statistics portal Statista.com, which has recently ranked the strongest football clubs in the world.

Behind the undisputed leader FC Bayern Munich, which according to the portal of the portal has 293,000 members, ranked the traditionally very member-strong club Benefice Lisbon with 233,000 registered followers.

Meanwhile, the two Ruhrgebiet clubs FC Schalke and BVB have been providing a hot race for years with the question: who is the bigger one?

Now, the royal blue for the first time were led again with around 160,000 members in front of the black and yellow, which according to the statistics are to have 154,000 members.

Sebastian Buntkirchen, director of fans and club matters at FC Schalke 04, was austerity with the West German general newspaper austerity about developing the number of members: With us, the membership numbers have risen since April again, reported the S04 official.

This trend at the scarce works almost already curious, Schalke 04 has just brought the worst season of his Bundesliga history behind himself and plays first for over 30 years in the 2nd Bundesliga.

Buntkirchen explained this phenomenon as follows: As our Bundesliga descent through the 0: 1 defeat at Armenia Bielefeld Fe stand, the same evening numerous membership applications are discussed with us. This is what Schalke is for a special association and that the Pendant just when it runs badly, to Schalke 04 stand.

Next second league game at SV Welder Bremen

According to the 41-year-old, the followers of the Schalke after the descent no trailer was found. Exactly the opposite should have been the case and a sleeve high mood originated.

BVB - Schalke 04 Tipps + Stimmung /  Ankunft der Blauen

At the current table of five of the 2nd Bundesliga, the responsible persons hope that this enthusiasm of the huge fan basis would be rewarded with appropriate athletic success: We can enlarge the identification platform about the Gelsenkirchen rewardsing success. Through a Gelsenkirchen rewardsing success, I see a great opportunity that We make another jump at the membership numbers, led Buntkirchen.

Most recently, it had once again mighty hapert at the Ruhrgebiet club. Three compulsory defeats in a row are available to beech. Continue in the second league for the FC Schalke on 20 November with the relegating duel at the SV Welder Bremen.