FIFA 22: Gosens Rulebreakers SBC at the best price, cheap solutions to your DCE

A new challenge of creation of equipment or SBC is available in FIFA 22. It is Robin Go sens, German player of the Atalanta that receives a Rule breaker version that we can get through the classic template creation system. As usual at this event (and has already passed with Skunk) this time we have available two versions of the player. One with more capacity of shooting and another defense-centered.

How to complete the Go sens SBC and which one to choose?

Although statistics invite you to go directly for the Go sens version focused on the attack thanks to the shooting statistics, the truth is that he has a few weaknesses that we would not want to see in a band player. A situation that is much more covered when we go to the most defensive edition, that we can use as a pivot in the center of the field thanks to the wonderful statistics and strength of it.

Despite everything, it is a very economical player, and we can do with it relatively cheaply on all platforms, so that can reinforce our center in any of the two positions. In addition, with changes of position and chemical styles we can make it even more lethal.

Solutions to Ruben Go sens Rule breakers SBC

The number of coins to invest is as follows:

PlayStation : 45,000 credits Xbox : 45,000 credits Origin : 45,000 credits

A series

Players — Series A: Minimum 1 Players — Team of the week: Minimum 1 Team score: minimum 83 Chemistry: minimum 75

Template (3 -4 -3): Buffoon, Acerbic, Alex Sandro, Khmer, Go sens, Arthur, Fabian, Chaise, Zapata, Morita, Mkhitaryan.

National selection

RULEBREAKERS GOSENS SBC & MOMENTS OXFORD OBJ!!! 6PM CONTENT - FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Players Germany: Minimum 1 Media of the team: minimum 84 Chemistry: Middle 70

Plan till (4-4-2): Sergio Sent, Felipe, Piqué, Slavic, Tripper, Giménez, Lamar, Fakir, Gary, Felix, Zapata.

You have until Friday, November 12 at 7 p.m. to do it.


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