Game Awards 2021 is said to be 40

The Game Awards 2021 are supposed to put the previous shows in the shadows: Moderator Geoff Kafka announces that proud 40 to 50 games are shown. It will be the biggest lineup and the games should definitely be in focus.

Especially last year showed that especially games and trailers drive the show. With this year, every lot of games that appear already 2022 and 2023, as well as titles, which show what is possible with Xbox Series S / X and the PS5 everything is possible.

Game Awards Host promises the biggest lineup

That s why: The Game Awards 2021 will take place again on December 10th as a real live event, with people on site. Last year, the show was broadcast as Livestream without an audience because of the Coronavirus pandemic, this year, despite the ongoing pandemic, she takes place with audience live on site in Los Angeles.

Previously the largest games lineup: In conversation with the Epic Games website, Game Awards-Host Geoff Karla announces that this year again a rebuilt. The Game Awards 2021 should be presented between 40 and 50 games. It is probably the most important lineup, which is concerned with world premieres and announcements, as Geoff Kafka says.

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The focus is all on the play this year itself:

It s great to have Celebrities, it s great to have music, but I think to focus on the games is really important. Especially this year there will be many contents for 2022 and 2023 [...] me Have still feeling that so far we have only scratched on the surface of what is possible with PS5 and Xbox Series X, so I believe that we see some things really impressive in the show.

That could expect us: So full-bodied promises of course rain the imagination and the question arises on what could be shown exactly there. At 40 to 50 games and many world premieres and announcements, we probably do not know some of them. Otherwise, there would be no new announcements and world premieres. However, these games are at least hot candidates for a possible occurrence at the event:

The Last of Us-Remake : The chances are not bad that Naughty Dog s new edition is revealed.

The Last of US 2 Multiplayer ? Speaking of Naughty Dog: The multiplayer project could finally be shown. Metal Gear Solid 3-Remake ? Again, the rumors and a revelation could be pending. Perfect Dark : Maybe this year again the long-awaited continuation is shown. Elder Scrolls 6 : All always wait for new to Elder Scrolls 6, the Skyrim successor. Maybe we have luck. Star field : Also too Star field there was always very little to see. Maybe real gameplay comes?

Of course, we could also see something new or official announcements to the great Ubisoft rows such as the closest Far Cry or Assassin s Creed Infinity. Also, a hot candidate: the rumors around the historic Murder Mystery-RPG The Fallout: New Vegas-makers.

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