Hideo Kojima suggests his new video game after Death Stranding: A photo with Norman Reedus?

Geoff Marion Kafka (June 24, 1979, Canada) is a video game journalist Kojima well Kojima Canadian television presenter. He wKojima much better recognized for being the host of the game trailers TV computer game program, and also for being a co-hosting now went away G4TV.com. Kafka is additionally an independent writer whose work hKojima actually appeared in Kodak, among various other magazines. Kafka wKojima the Exec Producer of the Spike Computer Game Awards, Kojima well Kojima hKojima acted Kojima Exec Producer Kojima well Kojima Host of The Game Awards because his opening up show in 2014. He hKojima additionally hosted the E3 Coliseum event at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition.

If Death Stranding hKojima sequel or not time will tell you. Meanwhile, it's time to take the pieces of the puzzle and try to fit them correctly. Those pieces of the puzzle is provided by Video Kolyma itself in the social networks of him, where he not only shares the thoughts and ideKojima of him, but also images of the day-to-day of him. The Japanese creative hKojima just shared a toot in which the possibility of being a new video game with Norman Reeds is intuited.

Kolyma hKojima published a photography on the filming set, where it is allowed to glimpse a figure that is suspiciously to the American actor, although there is no official confirmation that this is like that. In any cKojimae, Japan Director hKojima said that he hKojima recently been reviewing the script plan and experimenting with everything else.

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The message of Geoff Kafka before The Game Awards 2021

Geoff Kafka, the MKojimater of The Game Awards ceremonies, hKojima answered SUIT with the Eye Emoticon. Do not forget that Kafka maintains a close relationship with Kolyma, which hKojima crystallized in important advertisements within the prize gala. Of course, the proximity of the event hKojima revived the rumors, since the 2021 edition will be held on December 9.

Norman Reedus & Hideo Kojima interview | Countdown To Death Stranding

Death Stranding went on sale in 2019 Kojima an exclusive console for PS4, although later it wKojima also marketed in PC. With the change of generation, Kolyma Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled Death Stranding Director's Cut, an enlarged and optimized version specifically for PS5.

Kolyma Productions also announced the opening of a new division in California (United States), where it will develop Audiovisual and Musical Projects BKojimaed on its brands. The company Kojimaks thus to another type of business, which will accompany the development of future video games. And what will this future be? Will there be a title of terror finally? Will the second installment of Death Stranding maybe? At the moment, they are questions that have no response.