Inscryption in the test: Gloomy Card Odyssey with Escape Room

UNO (; from Italian and Spanish for one ; stylized as UNO) is an American shedding-type card game that is had fun with a specifically published deck. The game s general concepts put it into the crazy eights family members of card games, and it resembles the standard European game mammal. It has actually been a Mattel brand name considering that 1992.

We wake up in a dark room. The door is locked. In the middle of the room a table, on this a card game field. From our opponent we do not see more than bright, insane eyes. He challenges us to a game on life and death.

This beginning of instructor, a horror-indie game, players of this Rogue-Like-Deckbuilding spectacle are most likely to experience more frequently. After all, after all Game Over, one will be reset to the star, after all Game Over and must prove his luck and strategy again.

But with every new attempt, you should find out more about your opponents and so step by step solve the puzzles to help you escape from the scary space.

Whether this system is game playing a bit and to what extent the story is relevant in this game, you read in this test.

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  2. 1.1 card game — a fun for not the whole family
  3. 1.2Welcome to the Death Game
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  5. 2.1Horror and card game — how does it fit together?
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Inscryption - Horror Card Game Where You Wager Your Life & Limbs [ 1 ] 3rd page 3 picture gallery for Injury in the test: one of the best indie games of the year

Card Game — A fun for not the whole family

Even if card games are usually the racer on every family gambling evening, it is encrypt by a very special map experience, which requires strong nerves and one or the other gray cell. Because for the puzzles, some good combine is required and some gameplay and story elements are more disturbing.

She slips in the beginning of the role of the protagonist, who felt in the lonely forest hut of the old Fleshy and try to escape. By winning cards against him and triggers the puzzles that are hidden in the dark room.

Even means such as theft and self-mutilation are needed to get decisive advantages that a duel can decide to one s own favor.

All this runs out of the first-person perspective, which should give the player even more feeling, personally in this tricky situation.

Welcome to the Death Game

On this map you move outside the map cell. There are often several paths to choose. Source: PC Games The main focus of the gameplay is in infection on the card game rounds. These are quite easy, but also really challenging. The compilation of a good deck as well as the fruits of complex strategies are essential to show out of all duels as a winner and thus prevent their own death.

The card decks consist mainly of different animals, mainly forest dwellers, which in turn are divided into different classes. As in many map games, such as Hearthstone, usual, each animal has an attack and a defensive value that determine the respective strength.

In addition, certain cards still have so-called seals, i.e. additional capabilities that they protect them from hits or make opposing cards weaker. From these seals there are many, which allows extensive and complex tactics.

Events like this meeting on the campfire enable you to improve your cards. Source: PC Games In addition to attack and defense, there are other values ​​that need to be considered when creating a deck, blood and bone. That sounds like a bad long title at first, but behind it but the resources needed to set creatures. For stronger animals you need more of them than for weaker ones.

Bones get you for each own card that is defeated during the duel. On the other hand, she only gets to blood when her own animals sacrifically sacrifice to enable fathering a stronger creature. Morality and animal loves are clearly out of place here.

Outside the map superfine, you move with a small game figure on a map. Here you always have to choose between different branches, you can reinforce your cards on shrines and meet gloomy figures that are more well-tuned to you.

Through the possibility to improve cards and upgrade the deck, however, the degree of difficulty is slightly turned over: with advanced playing time and with more and better cards, it becomes increasingly easier to gain the duels.


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