Line Day Toses 3Q09 OF III, 3.6% YoY,

Lie Pei Jing (birthed 8 August 1992) is a Malaysian badminton gamer who played in the doubles events. She began her career in the women s songs event. She briefly partnered Chan Peng Quickly in mid-2014 and in August that year, they got to a world position of No. 48. Nonetheless, she resumed her collaboration with Tan AIK Juan later on that month. Since 2016, she has been partnered with Tan Khan Men.

[Kids News 24 Park Ye Jing Jing] Sunday Those (Representative Kim Jung-seop) announced the earnings of the third quarter of 2021.

3Q09 earnings are expected to reach W27.8bn, operating profit of W3.4bn, and net profit of W3.4bn, and operating profit fell 1.6% YoY.

On the other hand, sales and net profit increased by 4.9% and 8.8%, respectively. It was found that sales increased by 19% and 72% of sales profits.

The 3Q earnings feature that the merger and earnings effects of new subsidiaries (representative clinics) (representative clinicum) (representative clinicum) (representative clinicum), and earnings effects (representative clinicum) (representative clinical portraits) due to the merger of the Lynn Day Those and Lynx Games, and the subsidiaries of the subsidiary.

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According to the realization of Playing, which recorded US $9.5 billion, Sunday Those increased sales and operating profit, respectively, and 31% of operating profit respectively, respectively. The net profit declined by 40% Qom, but this is the description of the company side that it is due to the one-off reflection of stake assessment profits due to the merger of the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, Sunday Those plans to prepare for a rapidly changing game market with an NFT (alternative feature trend) based puzzle, slot game, which utilizes a casual game development know-how, a casual game development know-how.