New Live Phasmophobia update, published patch notes

Little more than a week has passed since Kinetic Games launched his New Nightmare update for Fasmofobia, and the developer is back with another patch. This is not as exciting as what we saw in time for Halloween, but focuses on some necessary changes and corrections; That said, it seems that this time there are many settings! In particular, Kinetic Games has made some changes to facilitate the use of the Ouija board and has modified the way ghosts change their preferred rooms. Complete notes of game patch. Steam page can be found below:

Ouija board

To help combat certain ghosts that are very difficult to identify, we have added some new questions to the Ouija board so that it may have an approximate idea of ​​what is its percentage of sanity.

The ouija table is now guaranteed in a nightmare difficulty. Now you can ask the Juija board what is your sanity in different ways. Different questions will give different answers. Combine these answers can give you a very good idea of ​​your sanity. Ask about your sanity will only exhaust your sanity in a small amount The least useful Ouija Board questions now exhaust your sanity much less Some Ouija Board generation points have been moved to avoid cutouts with hideaway blockers

New Ouija Questions?! Phasmophobia Nightmare Balance Patch v0.4.1.0


The phantoms that change preferred room are now linked to sanity. Greater sanity, less change of room! Now there is a shortcut from the entrance area to the campfire area at the Maple Lodge camp. Heavy rains have received new images. More photos have been added The climate can now reach through the lattice ceilings in the blocks of cells of the prison


Ghosts now have a maximum range to change the preferred rooms. Goryo now will always give evidence dots in difficulty Nightmare Obake now will always give evidence of fingerprints in difficulty nightmare Digital footprints now have a 100% chance of appearing instead of 75%. Fingerprints now last 2 minutes before disappearing The Obake s strength has been adjusted to adapt to fingerprint changes Now you can leave fingerprints in small tents, picnic banks, portable refrigerators, wooden poles and trunks seats at the Maple Lodge camp. The number of hidden blockers has been adjusted in all locations and difficulties. Camp lights, fairy lights and campfire light have been adjusted to stop the drainage of sanity as other lights Ghosts now have a much lower probability of changing the preferred rooms in professional and nightmare. Decreased the possibility that the ghosts deample long distances. The color of the fog, the night vision and the ghost orbs have been adjusted to help the visibility of the game during the fog. Greater interaction rate for ghosts in nightmare difficulty to match the professional difficulty Optimized all climatic conditions for better performance Trees and other foliage optimized in the Maple Lodge camp for better performance The TICTAC of the clock and the sounds of white noise now repeat without problems Actually virtual, you will no longer grab the door of the store when you try to grab a nearby accessory. Ghost events will no longer stop if you leave the room or move too much from the ghost.


Several problems were corrected with the collision of the store. Several safe places were corrected in the Maple Lodge camp. Several points were corrected in which the player could get stuck in the Maple Lodge camp. A safe place was fixed under the bed at the Edgefield Street House daycare. An error was corrected by which Raiju s weakness did not work properly. An error was corrected by which you could teleport to Casa Tanglewood through the yellow barricades. An error was corrected by which to place a sound sensor on the floor did not show it on the map. An error was corrected by which to place a sound sensor on the floor did not allow it to work properly. An error was corrected by which dropping the candle could start a search for a night. An error was corrected by which the ghost would be completely invisible instead of projecting shadows.

An error was corrected by which the volume of the microphone from other players was reestablished when returning to the lobby. An error was corrected by which certain light switches did not give photographic evidence of fingerprints An error was corrected by which several showers could not interact. An error was corrected by which some showers had two shower heads. An error was corrected by which several bones did not give photographic evidence of bones. An error was corrected by making several questions to the Ouja board made the answers overlap An error was corrected when you release the ouija table in virtual reality prevented it from falling to the ground. An error was corrected by which the hiding places could still be blocked in amateur. An error was corrected by which the lights did not restore their brightness after blinking. An error was corrected by which the players could speak for the walkie-talkie when they were close to a hunting ghost. An error was corrected by which ghosts could change the preferred rooms to one on the opposite side of the location.

In general, this should help NEW NightMare be a better experience! For those who have not played the fascophobia, however, the horror game has been a great success in Steam since its launch last year. When the game debuted, it was only available as a multiplayer experience, but a single player mode was added earlier this year. The title is currently available on PC through Steam. You can check all our previous coverage of The fascofobia right here.

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