New World: A new patch solves Farmeo problems and specific missions

Originally scheduled to run from 8 to 11 in the morning, Maintenance of November 24 in New World was completed at the time of writing this article. Two days have passed that New World's development teams have been making arrangements and improvements, so it is something great, especially considering the list of errors that appeared after the update 1.1 of last week.

The purpose of this brief update is to address a problem with different aspects for the topic of Farmer and the solution of the ritual mission. In addition, a small reward has been added to compensate players who have experienced problems throughout this time. For this reimbursement, only the servers or worlds that have experienced a problem of sudden changes of time can benefit from this handful of gold coins that the developers gave them. Finally, players who lost a piece of team from their team as a result of the update yesterday, November 23, will be able to receive a computer chest with the pieces that have disappeared.

Here are details of the patch note for updating November 24:

A problem was solved with the mission of ritual, which prevented players from completing if the gem interaction of the heart was used before defeating alas tor the vigilante. Restoration of the equipment for Farmers in the game Corrections to stabilize some speculative goods Some partial reimbursements for specific problems

Finally, you will find below all launched measures by developers to reimburse players who have suffered a time jump of several days:

The guilds will receive a single refund for any war statement made from update 1.1. The guilds with territories will have a single refund for all the territory factions that have been degraded from the 1.1 update. Players will have a unique reimbursement of housing taxes paid from our update on November 1.1.

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