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The PlayStation Store has started a new PSN Sale today, in which there are more than 200 games for PS4 and PS5 for less than 20 euros, including both insider tips and some large AAA hits. The offers are still running until 1 o clock at night on 2 December. In this article we introduce you to a few of the highlights. The overview of all deals of action can be found here:

PS Store: PS4 and PS5 games for under €20 in the SALE

Persona 5

The right game for: all who want a thrilling RPG with a great style design.

Not so good for: all who can not speak English well.

Gamer rating: 92 points

The Rollpielhit Persona 5 is available for 14.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros and thus 75 percent cheaper.

Handling Story & Great Art Design: In Persona 5 we play a high school student in Tokyo, which has the ability to travel through the so-called met averse to the subconscious of other residents of the city. The same complexes as unusual story and the interesting characters contribute a lot to the fascination of the game. The stylish and creative anime style design also ensures a gripping atmosphere together with the partly bizarre opponents.

Classic fights & variety: Playful offers persona 5 in the core classic round-based RPG fighting. However, these play significantly more fluid than other genre representatives, because each type of action is on its own button and thus avoid complicated menus. In addition to the fighting in the met averse, however, we also have to master our school life, lead (English!) Dialogues with our classmates and can accept various side jobs. For variety is so taken care of.

Conclusion: Persona 5 is one of the best JPGs ever. This is not due to a single aspect, but at the excellent overall package made of great story, creative style design, temporary fighting and varied tasks. If you can do with the genre even a little something, this highlight should not miss. However, a hook is that there is still no German translation. So if you can not be reasonably well English, you could overwhelm the complex story.

Persona 5 instead of €59,99 for €14,99 in the PlayStation Store

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Far Cry 5

The right game for: all who want a typical Far Cry with sandbox gameplay and handsome landscape.

Not so good for: all who expect a great story.

Gamer score: 80 points

Ubisoft s Open World Shooter gets 80 percent cheaper. You pay only 13.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros.

Pretty Montana: Far Cry 5 no longer leads us into any fictitious states, but in the US state of Montana. Here we get it with a charismatic sector and his siblings to do that the region split among themselves and picked up from the outside world. The story is nothing special, but the game world offers a very pretty, idyllic landscape. However, this is filled with numerous dangerous wild animals that provide sudden attacks for chaotic situations.

Typical Far Cry: Far Cry 5 remains faithful in the heart of the series. In addition to the Story missions, the first-person shooter plays a great role in the first person s take-up, with many freedoms. We can not only decide between sneakers and ballers, but also take the most diverse weapons, vehicles and aircraft to the fight helicopter. There is also collecting tasks yet, they take them in comparison to older parts but not so much room.

Conclusion: Far Cry 5 basically offers the same gaming experience as the predecessors, which was reduced by a few corners and edges and enriched by a much prewar environment. So if you just want more of Far Cry with its new situations and its successful sandbox gameplay, you do not go wrong. Since the recently published Far Cry 6 basically does not offer much more, it is not a bad idea to play the cheaper predecessor first.

Far Cry 5 instead of €69,99 for €13,99 in PlayStation Store

Detroit: Become Human

The right game for: all who want an exciting adventure with lots of freedom of choice.

Not so good for: all who do not like Quick Time Events.

Gamer score: 80 points

Detroit: Become Human there is half a price of 14.99 euros. With PS Plus you even pay only 11.99 euros.

Much freedom: Detroit from Quantico Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls): Become Human is an adventure in which it is more about decisions and fast reactions than to solve riddles. The gameplay consists of dialogues, Quick Time Events and the exploration of the environment and offers amazing freedoms to influence the further course of history. After each chapter, we will be presented on the basis of a diagram, which way we have taken and how many other possibilities would have existed.

Androids on clearing: Scene is the Detroit of the near future in which Android takes a big role in everyday life. Three of these androids we play themselves, but all three advised with their intended role as a mere command recipient conflict. The exciting plot, which asks of the border between man and machine, is staged elaborately. In particular, the futuristic and still lifelike looking impressive views impress.

Conclusion: Detroit: Become Human is perhaps the best game that Quantico Dream has so far delivered. For technology and staging this is definitely valid, but also in the freedom of choice is much more offered than in similar Adventures. The story can also shackle, though she does not treat her philosophical questions very subtle. Unless you feel a serious aversion to Quick Time Events, you should therefore give the Adventure a chance.

Detroit: Become Human instead of €29,99 for €14,99 (€11,99 with PS Plus)

Bios hock: The Collection

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The right game for: all who like creative single player shooters with great environments.

Not so good for: All who already own all parts in the original.

Gamer rating: 89 points (for Bios hock Infinite)

With the Bios hock Collection you get the entire series currently for 9.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros in the PS Store.

The full Bios hock experience: Bios hock: The Collection contains Bios hock 1 and 2 as well as Bios hock Infinite including all single player LCS. The excellent story extension Burial at Sea is also included. The first two parts originally appeared for PS3, you get in a new, adapted to the technical possibilities of the PS4 Remastered version. There is also another bonus material and comments of developers.

Sea floor and clouds: Bios hock 1 and 2 lead us to the underwater town of Rapture, which was planned as paradise, but has long since turned into a nightmare when we arrive there. In Bios hock Infinite, on the other hand, we travel to Columbia, a city in the clouds. The Bios hock series lives not least from the fascinating style design of strange cities. Playfully, we get shooter gameplay paired with a variety of superhuman powers and also some creep passages offered.

Conclusion: The Bios hock series should definitely have played. If only one of the three parts in your collection are missing, the purchase is already worthwhile. Basically, even the extension Burial at Sea is worth the price. If you have all the content already in the original, a renewed purchase is not a must. The improvements that bring the Remasters of the first two parts are clearly visible, but in terms of content, nothing has happened here.

Bios hock: The Collection instead of €19,99 for €9,99 in the PlayStation Store

More offers under €20 in PS Store (selection):

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life instead of €19.99 for €7.99 Infamous Second Son instead of €19.99 for €9,99 (€7,99 with PS Now) Far Cry Primal instead of €29,99 for €9.89 Far Cry New Dawn instead of €44,99 for €11.24 A way out instead €29,99 for €7,49 (€5,99 with PS plus) ACE Combat 7: Skies Unknown instead €69,99 €13,99 Middle earth: Shadow of the war instead of €39,99 for €12.79 Dragon Ball Z: Apart instead of €69,99 for €19,59 Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey instead of €39.99 for €15.99 The Order: 1886 instead of €39,99 for €13,99

PS Store: PS4 and PS5 games for under €20 in the SALE


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