Pubji Unnon Bus, Webtoon 100 trailer public... Ultia, Lee Hee-jun appeared

Lu Han (Chinese: 鹿晗, Oriental: 루한) (read the surname meaning deer in Chinese and also Han the initial name) better referred to as Scene Wuhan, is a Chinese singer and actor born upon April 20, 1990, in Haitian (Beijing). It is a former participant of Boys Band Ex and also its EXAM subgroup. In October 2014, he released lawful procedures to end his agreement with the Disc Home SM Entertainment due to the fact that of illness, distance with his family as well as discrimination of exam against the Exon by recommending to these More promotional tasks. In 2014, China National Radio Course Wuhan sixth amongst one of the most preferred enjoyment stars in China. In 2017, Forbes Course Wuhan second on the checklist of the finest paid Chinese celebs with 210 million yuan, behind Follower Binging. Lu Han has released his initial solo album, Reloaded, in 2015 and played in several films that had success in the box workplace such as 20 When Once Again (2015), The Witness (2015) as well as Time Raiders (2016). In 2017, he played in his very first TV collection, Boxer of the Destiny. He has actually given that played in various other collection, such as Sweet Combat (2018), Time Pass by Suddenly (2020), as well as Cross Fire (2020).

[Kids News 24 Park Ye Jing Jingling] The PUBG Universe of the Craft Tone (representative Kim Chang) has released the preview of the survival action webtoon 100 on the 16th. Actor King Take and Lee Herõon appeared as a major figures.

Public Union Bus is serious on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively, on the 15th and Never Webtoon, 100, Silent Night, and Nitrite, each on the 15th.

Amongst them, WebToon 100 was a story that participated in the battleground to find a member of the National Assembly of the National Assembly.

School Bus Graveyard (Official Trailer) | WEBTOON

This preview image, consisting of the intelligence of the webtoon, appears to be the actor Chunghyoung, which is a member of the National Intelligence Agent. She involved in an illegal murder game battleground, and it was a jungle who has been a mission and a gun that was faced with her survival.

The trailer of 100, 100 trailers 100 trailers are not only linked to the Ground Zero, as well as the Public Nova Worldview, said the story that is closely associated with the Public Nova Worldview, It is also a different thing to get in mind through the webtoon.

Public Union Bus is an extended world view from the Battle Ground Intellectual Property (IP). Creighton is a keyword of the battleground, and the contents such as games, short films, documentary, and animation are revealed sequentially.


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