Sonic will arrive at Monster Hunter Rise this month

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The 30th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog is not only a celebration for Sega, since other companies have also joined these festivities. One of these is Cap com, who last September announced a collaboration between Monster Hunter Rise and the blue hedgehog. Now, After weeks of waiting, today more details have been shared.

By means of the official account of monster Hunter Rise in Japan, it has been confirmed that this collaboration will be available at some point of this month of November. While at the moment, no more information has been shared, it was mentioned that more details will be disclosed soon.

NEW RISE UPDATE + EVENT QUEST - 3 New Armor Sets & New Talisman - Full Guide - Monster Hunter Rise! Like other events in monster Hunter Rise, Collaboration with Sonic will give us the opportunity to participate in a special hunt, where a single item will be granted to create an armor inspired by the Mascot of Sega. This is not the first time this happens, since in monster Hunter 4 Ultimate we saw a DLC starring Blue Hedgehog.

On related topics, here you can know the release date for Monster Hunter Rise on PC. In the same way, it has been confirmed that this title will not have Cross-Play.

Editor s note:

The event missions in monster Hunter Rise are entertaining, but nothing special, which is a disappointment considering collaborations with Street Fighter, Mega Man, and more series. Although the job with Sonic may be different, it is very likely that we see a typical hunting.