South Africa Tobt to WM

The South African football dressing feels cheated on his World Cup chance and wants to officially engage in World Association FIFA. The goal: a new exposure of the crucial qualification game in Ghana, the Bafana lost on Sunday through an unjustified penalty (0: 1).

That was robbery on the light day, is bidding leader Tobago Olathe cited in South African media. Already in the run-up to the game, rumors have given a possible shift, and the players from Ghana knew that they would get a penalty. It was only a matter of when, he realized: We believe that the game was postponed.

South Africa v Zimbabwe | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifier | Match Highlights

TV pictures show that Daniel Amanda of Leicester City goes to ground in the scene in question without external exposure to the floor. The Senegalese referee nevertheless showed the point.

Captain Andre Aye transformed the penalty in his 100th international game (33.). Thus, Ghana moved to the third qualifier in the same as the equity of South Africa due to the higher number of goals achieved (7: 6).

The incident has a prehistory that serves as a precedent. In 2017, after a protest from Senegal, FIFA ordered a repetition of the World Cup qualifier between South Africa and Senegal. At that time, South Africa had been awarded an unjustified penalty. Referee Joseph Lamprey (Ghana) was closed by FIFA on life.


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