South Baden also goes into the winter break

The Executive Board provides for proper implementation of the game operation under current infection developments as well as the further already applicable and expected tightening for amateur sports as no longer possible. In particular, the short-term liabilities of the announcement on Friday night by the Ministry of Culture had taken place in the past weekend for much displeasure and incomprehension among the clubs and for some game failures.

Thus, from November 30, 2021, no games are carried out more and all the obligation to do in 2021 and not yet completed mandatory matches are deposited by the association. Any training operation under the conditions in the current Corona Regulation Sport of the state of Baden-Württemberg Conditions is free. The game operation is to start, depending on the relevant relay centers, on the state and district level in February or March. If necessary, with the required 2G regulations, if they are still invented at this time.

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There is no easy decision for us to rest again in southern Baden. With regard to the state specifications, we ultimately had no other option, as it will continue after the rest period, you can not estimate yet. After this weekend But it should be clear that it will affect the game operation if many unvaccinated players are in the teams, says Christian Dutch, Vice President of the BFV

Already in September, the association board had decided not to carry out no indoor competitions in winter 2021/2022.