The biggest turkeys of video games Edition 2021

Soon, we will all gain up to celebrate the action of American grace. While we will loosen our belts and fond on our comfortable sofas, we thought it would be fun to think about the biggest turkeys of the game in 2021.

What exactly is considered a turkey? Basically, any time in the game that made us moan and moan — a bit like when you have this extra turkey dinner portion that you instantly regret a few minutes later. This year, we point out everywhere — nowhere is safe. Public relations companies to publishers through game developers and the media. GOBE!

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Cyberpunk was launched in 2020. It was garbage. And since then, the editor / developer CD Project Red insisted that he worked tirelessly to improve every aspect. Although they have brought some improvements, they have since delayed the new generation updates until 2022 at least.

At this rate, we probably do not play with a new generation version without bug from the game before 2077.

Where to start even with this one. The stories we have heard on Activision Blizzard have been quite disgusting, some of which have resulted in an ongoing trial. Of course, public relations have made overtime by insisting that things are improving — even choosing to change the name of a character in the popular Overwatch, because it originally covers the name of the One of the presumed authors. The saddest part of all this — Activision Blizzard will probably be largely insensitive to indignation and the last game list, including Call of Duty: Vanguard, will always sell incredibly well.

Nintendo finally decided to expand its strong Nintendo Switch Online service with new offers — only to drop a megaton on fans in the form of a new absurd price structure. Nicknamed the extension pack, the new offers included a handful of N64 and Sega Genesis titles and a piece of animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC, all for a new ridiculous price.

To aggravate things, N64 offers present a variety of problems, graphic problems with controller problems. It was a poorly developed plan by Nintendo, and it will take enormous measures to straighten the ship. Although I doubt they lower the price of the extension pack, I anticipate that we will soon see updates to solve problems and big losses in the near future, including the rumor of the Game Boy collection Advance.


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