The Game Awards 2021: Keighley promises the biggest games line so far

On 9 December 2021 this year s issue of The Game Awards takes place. The developer studios and publishers from around the world use this event for great announcements or at least for presentations of new material from already known games.

This year, the spectators probably expect a very much extensive program.

Game Awards 2020! Watch all the trailers REVEALED here When are the Game Awards 2021?

The event is planned for 9 December 2021 and returns to the Microsoft Theater of Los Angeles after the Corona break last year. This time visitors may be on site again, albeit under strict conditions. Among other things, a detection must be present. In addition, you must wear a mask during the event, only half of the squares are occupied.

The producer Geoff Kafka confirmed in an interview that this year will give again a comprehensive supporting program at The Game Awards. This includes both a small orchestra on stage and various special guests, which he did not want to express closer.

How many games will be seen at The Game Awards 2021?

According to Geoff Kafka s statements, the viewers expect the largest line-up to games in the history of events. He assumes that between 40 and 50 titles on the one or the other way to be seen, without he is able to call concrete names or wanted.

However, he looked through that many gaming content stands on the program, which will play a major role in 2022 and 2023. Almost all major developer studios and publishers have literally been snake to get a slot for The Game Awards 2021.

Source: Interview at Epic Games

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