The NEW World pours out a wave of hut, and the reviews of games are flying down

Due to the next ass-Bug? Not only.

It turns out that the Thursday premiere in a vacuum (first content-patch to new world) instead of relieving, calming down the situation, brought with each other more problems and even more errors ( Na one part of the bug, three more ) appear.

NW fans are furious on Amazon for artificial blowing of the content. Secret (unsealed in patch-note) Nerdy for Crafting and End-Game meant that we must now play more / longer, the more / longer than it was earlier.

This impresses that New World has more content than in reality, but it really is covering to hide great deficiencies in the final phase of the game.

Entries of dissatisfied players (from steam):

AGS was so afraid of criticism on the part of the community, so he chose the worst possible option, i.e. he introduced secret changes.

Developers do not leave any doubt that they are unfortunately incompetent. In addition, they are not honest, and this is a very important aspect for me. I am an extremely patient person, and I am able to forgive many mistakes and stemmed (over 500h in this game), but I can not make a transparency and I do not want to swallow.

Verify quietly some aspects of the game do not post any mention in the patch of notes. Their last update introduced really embarrassing mistakes, such as the disappearance of Harvesting items that had players. After updating the lag during wars (which are probably the most important aspect of this game) are impossible and prevent the correct behavior on the battlefield (taking over points).

Destruction of basic systems will not make players to play longer. It will push them away from the game and this is happening now... :) I give a few months, until this game will resemble Dead World, not New World.

New World Is Already The MOST PLAYED Game of 2021!  How Is This Possible? First Reviews & Thoughts

Patch 1.1.0 also included a thorough balance of weapons and skills, but instead of improvement, players observe something completely opposite. Some nerves (e.g. fiery sticks) turned out to be so great that the best weapon was one of the worst. Cool balance...

There are new fractional PVP missions and boost of the More (their life points went back tightly), which even more marginalizes the solo people who play, or rather played in New World outside the mainstream. Such gamers will now have even more uphill.

All this rage of New World fans can be seen after the evaluation on the steam. In the first half of the day, the percentage of recent positive reviews fell by 10%.

From yesterday, 141 positive reviews are... 818 negative.

On Reddit there were even a few topics (200+ comments, 70+ comments), which openly call for a boycott game. Saying to log in to servers. Show Amazon, as nightmarish ones are changes....


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