The new world s economy stops after a duplicate problem

New World just turned off THE ENTIRE ECONOMY, AGAIN, do this while you wait

Yeah, there is another dupe problem in New World. If you can not understand the details of this feat (although apparently it s very easy ), it is by design. Things like this are devastating for the economy of the game of a MMO, and Amazon Games is well aware of this fact — stop the economy and cracking against those who use / propagate the feat, all in the goal to stem the hemorrhage.

The players got angry that the game breaks, that the quality of the game suffers and that the developers had to unplug. Not on the whole game, notice, just the commercial economy part. Although, to be just, it s a MMO — exchange things with other players is a pretty important part of this kind of game.

A community manager said this about it:

Hello everyone, we are aware of a possible exploitation of duplication that circulates on the forums and social networks. We deactivate all the forms of wealth transfer between players (that is, the sending of currencies, the guild treasury, the trading post, the player s player exchange) while we investigate. Any player who has engaged in the use of this feat will be continued. Once the duplication feat has been studied, and we are ready to reactivate wealth transfer, we will update this message. Thank you for understanding.

It s better than a completely ransacked economy, for obvious reasons, but still far from what everyone wants. With such a lot of the MMO experience carved in the game, many players are frustrated and are fed up, some threatening to stop. In the absence of ETA on a possible fix, a movement like this is likely to cause a fall of the player — frustrated players might not be there to hear the news of a fix, if it takes too much time. Especially since it is not the first time that New World is faced with a problem like this.

Overall, it does not have anything good for the nascent MMO, but only time will tell us if it is a brief slowdown or sustainable injury.

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