Twitch organizes 400,000 dollars

About the format Twitch Rivals organizes the streaming platform the World Series of War zone and a player draft came to an unusual middle finger scene.

That happened:

About Twitch Rivals are regular tournaments for Call of Duty: War zone Shortly before switching to the Vanguard graphics, the World Series of War zone In a stream, Team Captains should drive your team and instead of a streamer there was a middle finger to see

Mittelfinger sneaks into the stream

What happened there? 5 Well-known Warzone-Steramer wanted to draft their teams for the big tournament, but at the streamer Huskers s there was only a still image for a few minutes. After a total on Keep came to the crazy scene:

At the top right of the picture in the Studio should actually be switched to Huskers, but instead, a middle finger suddenly appears there. The finger wags cheerfully in front of him and showed it thousands of spectators, which he holds of the event. At the time of stream over 10,000 people looked at the stream (via

The parties were little told. Only the streamer Shawnjgaming had to laugh something and was probably not so sure what s going on.

What was that stream? On November 17, the World Series of War zone start and it goes in the big duo-Tunier of North America by a total of $400,000 (about €350.000 — Stand 17.11.21). The prize money is divided into 2 parts:

$300,000 distributed to all participants $100,000 over the Captain teams

Donating $100,000 To Twitch Streamers! About several matches all teams collect points and the players receive prize money over their placement.

In addition, all players get prize money about their captain teams. Each of the 5 captains include 5 teams and the points of these teams determine the placement of the captain and further prize money.

How could it come to the finger attack? This is completely unclear! Huskers himself wrote a short comment on Twitter, but not clearing the situation:

Whether Huskers was responsible for the nasty fingers or it was a technical problem, can not be sure. In fact, Huskers had certain problems with his transfer. So it would be possible that the fun bird was sitting there somewhere.

In such a large and planned stream in Twitch Rivals format to meet such a naughty middle finger, probably a rarity should remain. Do you remember similarly crazy incidents? Then let us like your thoughts in the comments.

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