A Cooperative Shooter with Aliens: The Anacrusis Date Your Launch on PC, Xbox and Game Pass

In parallel to E3 2021, this month of June we welcome a new edition of the Summer Game Fest from Geoff Kafka that left us several advertisements of Karo, as well as some other video game more independent and alternative but equally attractive. Among these developments we can cite The Analysis, a cooperative shooter that we now know will be available on PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Game Pass January 13.

The Analysis is presented in a store as a first-person cooperative shooter for four players that develops aboard a huge stellar ship stranded in the confines of explored space. Form team with your friends and fight the times as you want against alien hordes To unlock rewards, weapons and new ways of playing that you can share with your team, describe their authors.

Among its attractions, The Analysis has a scouring narrative by Chest False, a veteran with credits in several VALVE projects (Half-Life 2: Episode One, Left 4 Dead or Portal 2), and its Bet for not offering two items equal to players. How? Through a central AI that generates all enemies, he directs each boss and places each weapon and gadgets to challenge and excite each player.

The Anacrusis - Game Overview | Xbox Games Showcase

Developed and published by Stray Bombay, The Analysis promises to have several seasons based on this first survival adventure. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the latest news from Xbox Game Pass that this December has been quite active with the arrival of Halo Infinite. On the other hand, the subscription service has been renamed in compatible: now it is PC Game Pass.


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