Arceus trailer reveals clans, NPCs and more

Pokémon Legends Areas is almost there, and Nintendo did not hesitate to create the media threshing for that. A trailer came out earlier in the day showing a new system that will be present in the game.

The official YouTube channel of Pokémon has published a trailer that details some NPCs that players can expect to meet in Pokémon Legends: Areas. The main target of the trailer was to show specifically the NPCs that will execute the new clan system.

Pokémon Legends Arceus – December Update Trailer

There seems to be two clans, the diamond clan and pearl clan. The diamond chief Clan is a man named Adamant and the leader of Pearl Clan is a woman named Frida. According to the Pokémon Legends website: Areas, the Pokémon partner of Adamant is a Lesson and Frida is an ice cream. The two characters have different points of view and are often faced. Neither the trailer nor the website detail the roles of clans in history. All we know is that they exist and are an obvious reference to Di alga (diamond) and Polka (pearl).

Speaking of diamond and pearl, the website also mentions a post-match mission for players who have a brilliant diamond Pokémon backup file or Pokémon Shinning Pearl. The mission involves the legendary Pokémon Dark and allow players to catch it. Players will also have access to the Modern Team Galactic, a cosmetic product that looks like clothes worn by Team Galactic administrators in Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl Pokémon.

Game Freak also does it with the legendary Shay min Pokémon but with a different set of games. If the players have a copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield, they will receive a mission similar to that of Dark. Shay min and Dark both made their first appearance in the original Diamond and Pearl games.

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