Before final in Munich: FC Barcelona loses against Betis

Three games had not lost Barcelona under Xavi, in the fourth encounter there was the first defeat on Saturday. After an eventless first half, in which only Mourinho had become dangerous (11th), the game put on the pause at speed and entertainment value.

In the 52nd minute the ball lay in the gate of the Catalans, Juan mi had met and TER Steven did not look good. But the scorer was wafer thin in the away, fortunately for the homeowners and the German keeper. From Barça, it was offensively not much, which changed from the 59th minute when Dembélé entered the grass.

Bets counter, Juan mi meets

The Frenchman immediately ripped the offensive play of his team and set a good degree (61.). Almost everything went over the ex-Dortmund, who sometimes, sometimes passed in within a short time very short left (76., 77.). The households were at this time on the pusher and urged the winning goal. But then the Bluegrass out contacts: Tells laid over to Juan mi, which met the right below (79.).

Refund before the important game on Wednesday

Football fans react to Xavi loss in Barcelona vs Real Betis with Bayern Munich vs Barcelona next Barcelona would almost succeed the immediate answer, but the ball made the ball from a good position clearly over it (81.). And so the households ran so slowly. Barça tried until the end, a good degree was no longer out. So there was the first defeat in the fourth mandatory game under Xavi. Before the important Champions League game on Wednesday (21 clocks, live! BEI Juanmi) in Munich, where it goes in the remote duel with Benefice around the eighth place, of course, a setback to the inappropriate.