Em game, disposal of treasury stock, 6.3 billion won in employees

Grand Burglary Vehicle IV, generally abbreviated GTA IV or GTA 4, is an open-world action-adventure video game created by Superstar North and also modified by Rockstar Games. It is initially released on April 29, 2008, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles in North America, Europe and also Oceania. It is after that published on Microsoft Windows (COMPUTER) on October 2, 2008, in North America and December 3 in Europe, while the Xbox 360 variation has actually been retro-compatible on Xbox One considering that February 9, 2017. The video game is the very first component of the vehicle GRAND burglary collection completely in high meaning, the fourth significant element as well as the eleventh episode in the order of appearance, being successful Grand Burglary Automobile: Vice City Stories published in 2006. The game showers Nike Berlin, a Serbian battle expert, having actually arrived to the city of Freedom City in the USA to live the American desire promised by his cousin, Roman Berlin, that requires him in spite of himself in Equipment of criminal offenses and also account policies. The gamer advances in three-dimensional atmospheres that he discovers in the 3rd person and also in which he can go on foot or through various vehicles. The video game integrates racing and also capturing in the 3rd individual as well as offers an open gameplay as solo and also multiplayer. In this latter setting, in between 16 as well as 32 players (depending on the variations) can coordinate or contend in different game settings. The video game appreciates two episodic material released by paid downloads on consoles as well as PCs. The first, the Lost and also Damned, is released on February 17, 2009, and the 2nd, qualified The Ballad of Gay Tony, is published on October 29, 2009. The player likewise embodies Johnny Kibitz and Luis Lopez, 2 protagonists relevant to the circumstance of Grand Burglary Car IV. In spite of the controversy surrounding graphics and containers of a fierce and also sex-related nature, Grand Burglary Auto IV is a business success. It is really favorably welcomed by the entire customized press and rewarded often times. At its departure, the video game beats 2 sales records with nearly 3.6 million copies sold on the initial day as well as 6 million duplicates marketed in one week, hence increasing even more than $500 million in income. In September 2011, it goes beyond 22 million copies offered. It ranks much better video game of perpetuity as well as comes to be the video game for seventh generation consoles best kept in mind on aggregators such as Game rankings and also Metacritic. His successor and fifth significant part of the series, Grand Theft Auto V, is published in September 2013.

Em Games will be for the first time since the Changsha.

Em Games disclosed in 20 days, decided to dispose of 535,000 shares of its stock. The purpose of disposition is' employees' bonus payment '. The estimated amount of disposal will be 6.286 and 625 million won, and will be disposed of until 28th. Target share price is the standard (December 17), the request of the board of directors (December 17). The disposable method is a method of transferring to the stock account of the target employee in the Magnetic stock account.

Commerce has recently opened the Board of Restricted (RSU, Restricted Stock Unit) system to open the board of directors and utilize treasury stocks on employees awards. Among the domestic gaming industry, we introduced a compensation system for its employees in preemptive employees.

RSU will pay for the employees that achieved achievements, with achievement system to pay a performance compensation for our employees, paying real stocks. It is different from the stock options that give the right to purchase shares at a predetermined price after a certain period of time.

The I'm Games Won Reshaped Director, said, We have introduced the performance system to provide incentives for employees and incentives for long-term service, he said, Strengthen the owner's consciousness for our employees, and motivate the business It is a goal to create a real-circular structure that connects to improvement of improvements in which it is deducted.

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While the Em game has grown, all employees have overcome well, he said, I would like to continue to make an employees and cooperation, and will continue to make employees.

Commerce has signed a contract with his own stock acquisition trust last March, and acquired a total of 535,000 weeks of magnetic shares by June.


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