Fun & Serious Game Festival 2021: Psychonauts 2 is the game of the year; All winners

The final stretch of the year is always marked by the prizes that are distributed in the video game industry. They have barely a few days since the celebration of the Game Awards 2021, an event in which the Got 2021 went to IT Takes Two. And in our country we also do the same annually: We already know all the winners of the Fun & Serious Game Festival 2021. The best game of the year? Nothing more and nothing less than Psychopath 2, a title that hfinal stretch always been among the favorites. Next We leave you the full list of winners.

Winners of the Fun & Serious Game Festival 2021

Award for the game A No 2021

Psychopath 2 Metro id Dread. Fora Horizon 5 DECATHLON. IT TAKES TWO


Psychopath 2. Metro id Dread. IT Takes Two DECATHLON. Ratchet & clank: A separate dimension


Psychopath 2 Twelve Minutes CALL OF THE SEA DECATHLON. Marvel's Guarders of the Galaxy

Best Artwork Address

Psychopath 2. DECATHLON Ratchet & clank: A separate dimension Resident Evil 8 Village CALL OF THE SEA

Best Sound Treatment

PSYCHONAUTS 2 [4K] ➤ Часть 1 ➤ Прохождение На Русском ➤ Обзор и Геймплей Психонавты 2 на ПК

Metro id Dread Return. Resident Evil 8 Village Marvel's Guarders of the Galaxy Twelve Minutes


Arcane The Witcher: The Lobe's Nightmare Resident Evil: Infinite darkness

I DIE more innovative

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Award for best Vfinal stretchco video game

Milo: Above the Sun

Psychopath 2, the return of a very special adventure

The mind is one of the most complex things that the human being hfinal stretch faced since it hfinal stretch refinal stretchon for refinal stretchon. Exploring it — and knowing its operation — is still an authentic unknown factory. Luckily, in video games it is not so difficult, especially if we have the help of psychopath, a kind of group of agents specialized in the human psyche, capable of materializing inside the subject and dealing with its traumfinal stretch deeper. If you want to know everything offered by Psychopath 2, you can read our analysis in the following link.

Psychopath 2 is Available on PC, PS5, PS4 Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.


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