Intel implements extreme measures to combat the Covid

With the increase of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, some US companies have been forced to implement a series of drastic measures against the pandemic. In this way, it was recently announced that Intel, the giant of the chips and processors, will suspend the payment of any employee who is not vaccinated before a specific point of January 2022.

According to an internal document, which was shared by various means, Employees of Intel have until next January 4, 2022 to demonstrate that they were vaccinated against the COVD-19. In any case that this is not achieved, the payment of workers who do not decide have their vaccine will be suspended.

While this may sound as an extreme measure, this decision is a consequence of a requirement by the United States Government, where it is mentioned that the application of the vaccine is an obligation in companies with more than 100 employees. Those who have problems for health or religious issues, may appeal for an extension, but they will still be subjected to constant evidence, even if they work from home.

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Exception requests will be analyzed on March 15. Employees whose orders are denied, will be separated from their jobs and will not receive their pay for at least three months. However, Intel will not dismiss its workers, and each one will have active medical service.

Intel is not the company that is applying similar measures. Google has warned that those who do not have their vaccine, will be able to lose their work. Although these are necessary measures to avoid more contagions and return to work in a more normal way, punishments have been questioned in various regions of the United States.