LCK Team Africa Prix, Change Team Name with Guangdong Prix

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Africa PRI shall hand in Guangdong Pharmaceutical and hand in next year.

A Look Back at Immortal's History in the LCS | LoL Team Flashback

Africa TV announced on the 21st that African PRI was concluded Guangdong Pharmaceutical and Naming Sponsor Convention in the African Colosseum in Lott World in Seoul. In the Convention, Africa, Africa TV Along, Chan Yong, Africa PRI Challenge Representative, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Choir Sung-won, and the African PRI, such as the 'Native' and 'Teddy',

As a result of this Convention, Africa PRI will work for the next three years in the team name 'Guangdong Fix' in 2022. It will be exposed to Guangdong Pharmaceutical Brand Logo, and the Chang dong Pharmaceutical Brand Logo exposed on the player and the stadium.

Meanwhile, the 'Africa PRI' is a domestic e-sports team that Africa TV has established in 2016. The LACK team, which is composed of 'Teddy' and 'origin', and the PUBG team, centering on the LACK team, including the Kart rider team, and the 2018 LACK Spring ruler, the 2018 LOL World Championship, Holds.

Africa PRI plans to continue various efforts to contribute to E-Sports development through cooperation with Guangdong Pharmaceuticals, and continue to be a team that can be a team that wants to communicate with fans more aggressively.


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