LOL - LCK: DWG KIA almost completely renews its new template, with 3 new players

After all the adventures of the European signing market, it was time to give a small detour and take a look at South Korea, the historic country as far as League of Legends refers. While LACK could not win the World Cup this year, DWG KIA has left its mark on this competitive season. Korean champion in spring and summer, the organization participated in the finals of MSI and the World Cup. Obviously, fans often remember titles only, but we can only admire this Korean team and their game.

Looking ahead of 2022, those responsible for Damon have changed to their workforce with 3 new faces. It has been renovated has renovated the Great Mid / Jungle that make up Canyon / Shoemaker, and great players have also been signed.

The change was inevitable for DWG KIA. Khan had been announcing for a while that this was the last year of him as a professional player and that he had to go to do military service. The team had also been dismissed from Ghost, transferred to NS Enforce. The only small surprise is about the support beryl.

Present in Damon since May 2017, he has given good and loyal services to the organization and will be strange to see him wearing the colors of another team next year... unless he also goes to the army. He is 24 years old and according to the leaks of Fudge (C9), he could do it as Khan.

The three new DWG KIA players are: burial, weekday and Kelvin. They are not well known in Europe, but they have already proven their worth in Korea.

Burial (Top): You may have discovered this year at the World Cup with Gen. G. This former T1 Cantering is very young (17 years old) and has a bright future. He is not a very risky bet, and if it does not work, Augur will always be available after his sabbatical year.

DK vs. T1 | Worlds Semifinals Day 1 | DWG KIA vs. T1 | Game 3 (2021) Weekday (ADC): relatively young (21 years old) but impressed the Korean community with NS Enforce in 2021. Kelvin (Supp): Another raw diamond, this 20-year support has already passed through several LACK (JIN AIR, GEN. G, NS Enforce) teams. He has not always shone, and we imagine that his synergy with Weekday played an important role.


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