LOL: These will be the characters chosen by EDG that will receive the worlds champion skin

Although they have passed almost two months since its end, the worlds 2021 continue to have news to give before the Year of League of Legends competitive. This time we will talk about edge, the current best team in the world that he won in an exciting better from 5 to Damon Kia at the final of the world celebrated by closed door in Reykjavík and that as many people picked up around of all the world. Well, the players of the Chinese team have taken, but they have already chosen that champions will be lucky enough to receive a skin inspired by the club, which very few are lucky to have.

The champions chosen for each champion are the following:

Top: Li Andre Xuan-Jun — Graves, possibly the best player champion, although he has not had the opportunity to show all his c Champion pool along of all these worldwide jungle: Zhao Jaime Lizzie — Diego ; This election has surprised enough people, since it was expected that it read without being chosen due to the enormous visibility he had in all phases of the worlds MID: Lee Scout Merchant — Zoe ; Although he is not one of the player's emblematic champions, he has harvested exquisite games in the world giving incredibly good results ADC: Park Viper Doyen — Apollos ; The choice of this champion we already knew it, but it can be said that it is a choice that can give a lot of game with the skin that will come with the 200-year experience of experience Than Make Ye — Lulu ; One of the most decisive champions of the World Cup thanks to the enormous help it gives all the team at any time of the game

WORLDS LOOT IS HERE! UNLOCKING EVERYTHING! INSANE VALUE? | League of Legends Although Riot Games has not yet officially officially has an almost certain choice since they have been the players themselves who have announced the champions that will come to the invoked crack with a totally exclusive look, in which they will predominate White and black, although with reddish touches that can make great game combined.