New World ratings fly down, and players get permabany for offensive Nicki

It was bad, then it was a bit better, now it's wrong again.

Recent events in the game — all about the super hole patch 1.1.0 — led to the fact that New World's assessment on Steam looks worse.

Number of negative reviews (from last weeks) exceeded the amount of positive reviews. Unfortunately, you did not have to wait long for effects.

New World returned to orange color. Instead of in most positive we have a mixed game.

Unfortunately, other scandals do not help other scandals, which once again appear on the official Reddit of the game.

The New World community accuses Amazon that you rent Botox / users to write positive things about a new patch ( here )...

Others, in turn, inform about permanent bans for offensive nicknames in characters. This user (with 800 hours on his account) After two months of normal fun, he suddenly got Perm for the fact that he had in the name Fart (fart ).

Just like Penny Tray shin, Penny Tray or Max Penetration — the owners of these characters were also removed from the game (for good).

I understand, punish players for exploits or bots, but perm abate for Nicki? Let Amazon create a list of prohibited words and will not be a problem.

New World is the best or worst bad this year?


The worst



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