Omicron... 5 infected with five domestic

I was concerned that I was concerned. Korea was not a 'safe zone' in the Omit on Virus.

The Disease Administration said that the domestic recruitment of domestic reconciliation was 5 in the afternoon. The Army said that additional measures are emergencies for additional confirmation and domestic inflow blocking. As a result, the quarantine for overseas immigrants is further enhanced, while the strong entry quarantine, which is a strong entry quarantine, which is accompanied by the enclosure, is expected to be implemented.

Initially, the Department of Army said that it has been implemented by the Omit on Generation in the Criticism. The first occurrence in South Africa was known to have had a variation in Delta variability, and there was a number of genes in spike proteins. The International Health Organization (WHO) immediately expressed concern about the threat of the mutation.

Regards, WHO Secretary-General has also warned that it is related to Omit on residual risk of resolution

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In the case of the disaster administration, the discovery of the Omit on confirmed is an embarrassed spot. Since the maximum number of crucifixes on the same day after gradual daily recovery, it is because of the duty of the recruitment and death due to the surge in anxiety due to the surge in amazing and death.

As a result, additional defense measures will be inevitable. In the end, the government announced a skeptical position on the strengthening of social distance, but the Omit on Demon Domestic Confirmation Variables can support the opinions of the medical industry that require strengthening the measures.