The Godfall version of PS Plus will not be the full game

Today the games of PLUS were confirmed for December, and between them, you are Godfall. However, the version you will acquire as part of this service is actually incomplete, since you can only play part of the content and not all experience.

You will see, this edition is known as Godfall: Challenger Edition and only includes the latest content for the title. That is, the activities that you can do once you have finished with the campaign. Counterplay Games, your developers, commented the following at the PlayStation blog.

Godfall: Challenger Edition allows players to experience the three game modes of the game, less the content of the story and the Fire & Darkness expansions, and offers existing players new and exciting functions and rewards for getting.

So if this will be your first time playing Godfall, you will not have access to the content of the story. It is something very strange, but it works for those who prefer to jump directly to the fun of the game. You can make the improvement of the challenger edition to the deluxe edition but the costs were not yet revealed.

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Editor's note: It is certainly disappointing to know that we will not be receiving the full game, but at least there will be the option to update it in the future. On the one hand makes sense to do this, but on the other, it also means that we will be losing very much content.


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