Tropico 6 Update 16 Patchnotes Carlos Hurtado

Update 16 has arrived for tropics 6, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. Tropics 6 allows players to rule as a dictator or pacific leader about a number of islands. Players can govern as will be treated and can apply some morally questionable tactics to stay at the top. This small update brings some new features in addition to some bug fixes. Everything is new with Tropics Update 16.

Tropics 6 Update 16 Pat notes

New properties

A new building of the Cold War, the Secure Mansion, was added. Secure Mansion offers a new habitat for rich and dirty tropical (including its bunkers). The mansion can be modernized to the secure mansion and the safe mansion can be modernized to the modern mansion. In addition, you can improve the Secure Mansion with the upgrade Increase Monitoring. This gives the building the opportunity to uncover hidden roles passing tropics. No Tropical is more secure in front of the watchful eyes of his rich neighbor. A new modern military building, the Overlattochwer, is now available. The Oververtettower is an improved and modernized version of the World Was Watchtower. The new working modes of the building offer the opportunity to uncover hidden roles of certain agents with a high chance or all hidden roles of passing tropicalizes with a lesser chance. These annoying Tropicana will no longer have a chance to hide from the eyes of El President. The display and calculation of the military strength for buildings and squads has been improved.


Prevents the special make party not was festival in the The Final Party mission disappears if it was not held in all areas at the same time. An error has been fixed, which led to the festival areas not indicated the festival decay time for the client. The upgrade real machine gun for the watchtower has been fixed. Fixed that the edict of the military police did not change the values ​​for crime protection for military buildings correctly. Towers open now during placement the military strength overlay, instead of the Crime Safety Overlay, which is usually not affected by them. Fixed that the edict Right to Weapons did not change the affected values ​​correctly. Fixed that the cathedral upgrade has been overwritten by the Theocracy Constitution option. Fixed that the dung production was not cloned when copying a ranch. Problem where the upgrade larger tank was not cloned when copying a fish farm — fixed It has been fixed a problem in which the camera did not move properly to the palace at the beginning of election lives.

Tropico 6: Update 12 patch notes + DLC Caribbean Skies The flickering of a particular stone type after the renewed loading of a save game on the map between a rock and a boring location has been fixed. Fixed that trees produced by Stonehenge were not visible to the client in multiplayer mode.

A problem has been resolved in which renamed palaces were visible to the Almanac other players in multiplayer mode.

All in all, this patch brought many bug fixes into the game. Now players will not experience as many errors in relation to specific missions, the camera in the game, building upgrades and more. The new buildings added in this update will give the players an advantage and enable them to monitor their citizens conveniently from a luxurious villa.

Tropics 6 is now available for PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo Switch. For more information about this update, visit the Official Tropics 6 Steam page.


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