Ubisoft loses employees - they found the company embarrassing

After several scandals, Ubisoft now has to co-see how heap employees leave the company. The reasons for this range from financial to embarrassment of the company. What do former and leftover employees say?

Ubisoft approaches Activision — in bad meaning

The Great Exodus — So mentionless employees mentioned the current mass detriment of workers at Ubisoft. At least interviews with former and currently employed employees, this revealed, as Axis reports.

This Exodus has been holding for almost 18 months now and looks down in the numbers: According to LinkedIn, Ubisoft namely, Ubisoft loses just under 12 percent of his employees. For comparison: EPIC only seven and EA nine percent. The only gaming company that makes more loss this year is 16 percent Activision.

At least five out of 25 developers and developers of Far Cry 6 have already terminated, as well as 12 of the 50 developers and developers behind Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. This emigration to skilled workers apparently ensures problems already. So it says in the report:

A developer recently said that a colleague who is currently working with Ubisoft has turned to him to solve a problem with a game because no one was there anymore who scanned in the system.

Why are so many employees go?

The reasons for the Exodus seem to be diverse. Some former employees report, for example, that they are changed from financial reasons to other companies. Partly they deserve three times. Ubisoft wants to increase the salaries as an answer.

Not to mention unimportant, but are also the many scandals of the past months and years. Only last year insiders had revealed a series of sexism scandals and incidents sexual harassment. The company was accused of not enough for the protection of women in the workplace. (Source: Gig Games)

A formerly employed person means that Ubisoft's boss days after scandal no longer wanted to talk about it and ignored the subject when it was addressed. The person apparently was generally frustrated by the company and its external effect:

The call of the company was no longer bearable. It's really embarrassing.

Top 10 Video Game Companies Fans Hate the Most Even recent actions like exclusive NFT items in Ubisoft games do not probably do not make it better. Instead, they provide for still more PR scandals, under which the developers and developers suffer — and then also the games from Ubisoft, as a large part of the original staff suddenly missing.

Also EA and Co. have made one or the other misstep in the past. Click on the following video for the three-way microtransactions in games: