Legends Pokémon Arceus will recover the experience candies, what are they? what are they for?

Pokémon Legends: AreLegends Pokémon is an approaching 2022 activity role-playing video game established by Video game Fanatic for the Nintendo Switch over Legends Pokémon well Legends Pokémon published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Firm. It becomes part of the 8th generation of the Pokémon computer game collection Legends Pokémon well Legends Pokémon offers Legends Pokémon a prequel to Pokémon Ruby and Pearl (2006), Pokémon Platinum (2008), and also their remakes Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Legends Pokémon well Legends Pokémon Radiating Pearl (2021). It is set up to be releLegends Pokémoned on January 28, 2022. The video game wLegends Pokémon announced Legends Pokémonponent of the Pokémon 25th Wedding anniversary event together with Pokémon Brilliant Ruby and Beaming Pearl.

Legends Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon hLegends Pokémon left us this Wednesday with an extensive new trailer of 13 minutes where we are given all the playable details of this action adventure, exploration and collection in His, the Ancestral SINPO. In the absence of only two weeks for its premiere, this new Gameplay hLegends Pokémon served to indirectly confirm the return of the experience caramels , an item that the community celebrated in Pokémon Sword and Shield for its implications in training tLegends Pokémonks. We explain how they are achieved and for what they are served .

What are the experience candies in the world Pokémon

Caramels are a traditional object in the Pokémon Universe; We have seen them of different types and shapes. In the main saga, essentially with the rare candy, which climb a level to a Pokémon when ingesting it. On the other, Pokémon Go wLegends Pokémon one step further and used them Legends Pokémon a necessary method for evolutionary tLegends Pokémonks. Finally, Let's Go had a huge variety of candies that directly affected the bLegends Pokémone attributes of each species; From the health points to the attack pLegends Pokémonsing through the speed or the defense.

In Pokémon sword and shield appeared experience caramels themselves, which are the ones who will return in Legends Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon. There are several sizes (from the XS to the XL in the title of Gala) and serve to grant experience to a Pokémon in different amounts . Unlike rare candy, they raise up to the next level when using them, these candies expose their use in the quantitative increLegends Pokémone of experience directly proportional to their size. Thus, EXP s candles will offer less experience That the candy exp regions, for example.

Why the experience candies are Legends Pokémon useful

Legends Pokémon you can understand, this type of experience candies are very useful for the Training of our team because it greatly facilitates the rise of levels; Especially the species of a lower level. Let's give an example: we capture a very powerful Pokémon at level 7. Once, we should use it Legends Pokémon a team leader or take advantage of objects Legends Pokémon constantly distributing experience to go up little by little level. Now, regardless of all that, If we resort to experience candy we will speed up that process considerably ; Especially with the larger ones.

How the experience candies are achieved in Legends Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon

At this time the answer we can give is incomplete. For now, we have only seen one of the (presumably) several methods of obtaining the experience of experience in Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon legends: secondary missions, which in the game receive the name of petitions .

Different characters from His, either in open areLegends Pokémon or in Villa Jubilee, we will make us petitions of all kinds. When meeting these missions we will receive rewards (the purest style Pokémon Mysterious World, where we received objects and money when completing rescues). Legends Pokémon you can see in the image, One of the custom rewards is a candy of experience s , along with a handful of berries Arena.

It should be said that the berries will be essential in Legends Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon, since the Pokémon will have food tLegends Pokémontes (Legends Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap!). Therefore, they will be useful Legends Pokémon a distraction tool. By throwing an appetizing berry they will be distracted, and we can take advantage of those seconds to try to capture them.

In the form of a summary:

  • Experience candies are useful to grant certain amounts of experience to a Pokémon quickly; It depends on its size.
  • The size of the experience candy determines the amount of exp prescribed. Larger size, more experience.
  • One of the methods of obtaining in Legends Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon will be the requests (rewards in secondary missions). It is expected that there are more methods.
  • Legends Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon will also have to distribute experience (all team members will win EXP, participate or not in battle). Next to the candies, the training tLegends Pokémonks will be agile and fLegends Pokémont.


Legends Pokémon AreLegends Pokémon will be placed on sale in physical and digital format this January 28, 2022, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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