Map of Survival Map by Compass Map "Subnautica: Below Zero" Do not know how to know the corner of [# 17]

What you need to explore unknown places, it is map. Knowing, you can easily see the map with your smartphone, but it's not so in a real survival.

There is no map to grasp the whole in the Subnautica series. You can proceed with the beacon, but to know the correct positional relationship Surveying can only be made to make a map. Get the paper and pencil and examine the route to dangerous areas and bases by yourself and make a note. This work is also the best part of the adventure and is also a lifeline that separates life and death.

The thing needed to make the map from one is the compass and ruler. If you have a minimum, there will be a compass. The information needed to grasp your position on the plane is either distance from one reference point and direction from one reference point or the direction to two goals. You need the former information and ruler to draw an accurate scale, but if you only have a compass, use the latter. Both are required to first obtain coordinates that are the basis of the entire map.

In the early stage of the game, two beacon coordinates are detected. If the four coordinates are divided into the falling pod that will be the start of the search, you can view the surroundings as face. Let's use this to create a map.

In the case of Subnautica, it is appropriate to install a beacon and based on the distance displayed there. If you use a distance, you should not make a mistake, but accurately align the height. If Below Zero is active in both the sea and land, but if the height is not complete, the distance will be longer, and if you do not fix it, the points will be greatly deviated. The actual survey measures the vertical angle and defines the horizontal distance with a trigonometric function. Since it is difficult in the game, the installation of the beacon is desirable to install on the sea from the sea, or to the coastline, based on the sea level.

Since the beacon of Emergency stockpiling is installed in a deep place, it will be recovered once and installed near the water surface. This can survey the exact distance.

Return to the point drop pod and write to the paper side based on the coordinates of the Delta Base Dock to receive late. First, in the setting of the guidance angle and scale, this time will be set to A4 and easy to understand 1/10,000 and 10 cm will be 1,000 meters.

From the reference point at the 0-meter point of sea level 455 meters from the reference point to the Emergency stockpiling beacon. The direction is Main. If it is 1 / 10,000, it is 4.5 cm, so it draws a 4.5 cm line on the paper. Although the most commonly functions will function, but in case, compare the compass and ruler and make the direction more accurate.

Another coordinates, Delta Base Dock is not located, but it is used as it is assuming that it is on the coastline. Distance is 623 meters, and the direction is a little west from South. Six.2 cm lines as before. Now the exact position of 3 points on the map was aligned. Then, you can see that the distance between emergency stockpiling and delta base dock is about 7.4 cm on the map, and it is about 740 meters if it returns a scale. A triangle with three angles and distances, which is the first face that functions as a map. You can explore and write things in this triangle, write features from the topographic map of Sea glide, and to view the situation from a different viewpoint from the stereo scanner room.

Even if it is measured accurately even if the distance and direction, there is no problem if you connect coordinates away from the first reference point. This is called conducting method. It is the first year of this simple way to achieve great achievement, but I was preparing a fine Japanese map. He walks out of the sea level of 0 meters while measuring the distance and direction in finely beads, and its accurate accumulation has become a real map that everyone knows. Later I use rope and chains, but I was first used to measure the distance. He seemed to have a trying to walk straight at a certain step before departure, and it takes place with no choice but to start from 55 years old. His true purpose is to accurately measure the distance of the Earth's latitudes, and as a result, the surrounding earth was thrown away with about 40,000 kilometers.

The triangle basics are not at all at the state of the cutting edge, and the receiver is derived by calculating the positional relationship with the satellites of the universe. Since the GPS signal has no information in the direction of direction, there are two candidates sites only by Japanese straight lines. To cover there, use three distances of three satellites. By making a huge triangular pyramid that connects the ground and the universe, current countless devices can measure the current location. This is the same principle to measure the distance of the space of the universe as well as the earth.

Because the compass can be used instead of the fragmented, if you apply triangular functions, signs, cosine, and tangents learned at school, you can measure your height and stride and measure in any situation. It is not a case where it is easy to add an automatic mapping. If you don't throw away the idea that the map is natural, it will be difficult to escape when it is truly released to survival.


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