Michael Smith: No bull purchase for the Bully Boy

The World Cup of Darts is the only group competition of Specialist Darts Firm (PDC). In each situation, the 2 finest gamers of a country in the Order of Merit take part in these competitors for their country.

Michael van Gerwen beats Michael Smith 7 3 to win third World Championship

Michael Smith is a man for Darts dream scenarios. Before his first World Cup final 2019, the Englishman fished from a ceremony before his wedding, which is not only about him and his future, but also around the huge Sid Waddell Trophy. Smith's girlfriend should be asked if she wants to marry the current Darts world champion. But it was nothing, the Bully Boy underlined the Dutchman Michael Van Ger wen with 3: 7.

Also, three years later Smith re-dreamy thoughts. In view of his nickname, he wanted to buy a bull after the World Cup. When I win the World Cup, I convince my wife of it. I'll call him 'Ferdinand' as in the cartoon. You can not come to my house and see no bull, or?, Terminated at Sport1. But again the plan failed, because this time the Scot Peter Wright won with 7: 5.

The next lost end piece made Smith done, he broke out several times in tears. I have now won five sentences instead of three, he said with a dash of sarcasm. He had something bad in an earlier life have made it to help him in mind. As consolation, 200,000 pounds (about 238,000 euros) remain prize money and a record: 83 times 180 points at a World Cup.


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