PS5 & PS4: Sony distributed gifts - several players do not come ran

So that PS5 and PS4 players can revive the year again, Sony started a few days ago an action that shows what games you played in 2021, how many trophies have been captured by and in which game you have sunk most of the time. Too bad that many PlayStation fans can not currently participate - especially as some gifts escape.

Wrap-up summarizes game year 2021 for PlayStation fans


Well, you can appreciate how much time you have spent in your PlayStation last year and how many trophies snapped her in your games? Probably not. But that's no problem, because with the wrap-up function, Sony also offers this year again that PS4 and PS5 players can create a summary of their game year, which holds some interesting information.

Statistics not only show your individual successes, but also lets you look at the numbers of the entire PlayStation community throw. To create the review, PlayStation players only need to invoke the action page and log in with your PlayStation account. In addition, PS5 players should make sure that they have approved the collection full data in the system settings, PS4 players, however, find this point under the name Additional data in the options' menu (Source: PlayStation Blog).

If you have successfully requested your wrap-up, then you will receive a download code for four free avatars , which can be used both on the PS4 and the PS5 - at least in theory.

To the action page

PlayStation players can not create wrap-up

Because whoever throws a look at the comments on Twitter will find that many players complain about it that they can not call their wrap-up . Instead, an error message appears that indicates that the corresponding data could not be found - and though it worked fine last year.

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Sony has not yet come to a problem. Well possible that the corresponding players go out empty. Even within the GIG editors, several issues occurred while calling the wrap-up. One of our editors was at least via the smartphone to access the function , but this solution does not seem universally applicable. Should Sony solve the problem in the coming days, we will give you.


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