Mining Sandbox "Core Keeper" Latest Update Delivery-Repair System Change and Item Balance Adjustment, Bug Correction, etc.

FireShine Games has started delivering the latest update 0.3.3 of the mining sandbox " CORE KEEPER " to develop PugStor.

Core Keeper - (Sandbox Underground Base Building Game) Update adds a system that can read materials directly from chests adjacent to craft facilities. Sorting and Quick Stacking Features have been added to the chest inventory screen.

In addition, a major change is covered by equipment repair system. So far, it was a method to repair using "scrap parts", but from this update, it changes to the format that consumes and repair the corresponding material. In line with this change, material items are available when the item is disassembled with the salvage stand. Scrap parts have been changed to the sale item.

Besides, some items have been balanced with effects and prices, as well as changes that enemy monsters can not spawn around the player. There are also features that can participate in the STeam friendlist during the game. For more information on updates such as correction of defects, see Steam's patch notes.

"Core Keeper" is being delivered early access to PC (STeam).


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