Mr. Nakamura Nakamura, "Daijin" and "Psycho Break" established the game studio "Unseen"-"Creating a new team in a way I have never experienced so far"

Game Creator Nakamura Nakami established the game studio " unseen " and opened an announce lailer together.

He was a person who was known as an artist such as "Dai God" "Psycho Break" and "Ghostwire: TOKYO", leaving Tango GameWorks in 2019. He has not only been involved in many popular titles, but also in a presentation in the Tango Gameworks conference in E3 2019, and special judge in "TOTY 2020" sponsored by GAME * SPARK I am also working.

I am such a wonderful, but this time I established a game studio. According to the content that is said in the trailer, it is said that "creating a new team in a way that has never been experienced so far" is a "crossist group across the border". In addition, interviews are published in Ign JAPAN, such as the history of the new studio "Unseen", and the state of the current office, and the state of the current yet.

Tango Gameworks The picture after leaving the game industry, the story of E3 2019, and the video of E3 2019, and the activity content of the time, etc. are being published as "Nakamura-Ruisa-ruins exploration" at YouTube Channel Cutscenes.


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