Project TL is now called Throne and Liberty: The new NCSoft

We had already reported on NCSoft via Project TL by NCSoft . You remember destined: The Action-RPG-MMO hybrid was announced for the first time in 2011, under the name Lineage Eternal. But the feedback during the test phases in 2016 was so desirable that the publisher has raised the project from scratch. Only a few of the originally planned features have been retained. In February 2022 there was then the last message: Project TL should still appear in the second half of 2022 for PC and consoles .

New name, new perspective

Recently, the NCSoft finally revealed the right name of Project TL, Throne and Liberty, and just a great staged gameplay trailer published:

In the slightly more than three minutes we see chic staged story sequences, huge world bosses, lousy PVP siege battles around castles as well as animal forms that we reveal to turn. We see characters that enhance magic, opponents with a bow, prove themselves in close combat or climb Via gripper hooks.

Particularly noteworthy: In previous trailers, characters were always shown only from an isometric perspective, which is why the game sprayed with the similarly impressive boss fighting strong Lost-Ark Vibes. However, in the new trailer, we now experience the action from a third-person perspective.

Developer reveal more details

Parallel to the release of the trailer, an article on the official NCSoft blog went online, in which producer Jong-ok ahn talked about the new online roleplay. Here are the most important findings:

  • In the course of the development of Throne And Liberty, many of the original systems had to be painted and replaced by new ones to keep up with the modern trends in the gaming scene. As a result, the character of the game has changed, but the story has also been completely retreaded, from which then the completely new IP has craned out.

Source: NCSoft Source: NCSoft Source: NCSoft Source: NCSoft


  • A focus was on creating an immersive world in which you want to avoid monotone game content. This is achieved, for example, because the weather and the daytime will affect the world and activities directly.
  • The weather also affects the fight. Flash attacks are stronger in the rain, archers have problems with strong wind problems and so on.
  • On the story and their staging is also placed a lot of value.
  • The world will be huge and often built vertically. So that players can still quickly reach their goal, they may turn into animal forms for land, water and air. Players can also act as "mount" for other players.

Throne and Liberty: In the new NCSoft MMO you can transform you in animals to reach on the floor, in the air or in the water faster your goal. Source: NCSoft As soon as the Publisher reveals more details about the new online role-playing game, we will of course keep up to date. What does it look like: do you like what the gameplay trailer shows Throne And Liberty? What do you think about the idea with the animal forms? Would you prefer to have a real lineage game? Betray us in the comments!

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