[PWS] Guangdong Prix, Nynthesis

Guangdong Prix

Guangdong Prix has taken chicken in the fourth match of Weekly Survival.

23, '2022 Pub Weekly Series (PWS)' East Asia Phase 1 Survival 4 weeks 1 day played online.

On this day, the Weekly Survival game will be held in the mumma, according to the 'Map Order and Ratio Selection' privycon of Yuan, winning the Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6.

The fourth matching magnetic field was formed in Los Lones.

[EN] PGC 2021 - WEEKLY SURVIVAL: W2 D2 Early Giel Ispho and Emtech Storme, earlier in the game, In this engagement, the Super Play of Giel 'Toshi' was opened with the gap, and Emtech Storme was fast.

The sani-ki-ki-ri have been in the Evangelism and the fighting. I was successful, but I was successful, but I was successful to eliminate the Keebi Ispozu with the act of 'Rokki' and the 'youngest'.

3 Phase Ginto Prince and Eaglezhuls are unfolded by the Eaglez, which struck the Eaglez, and Gaoh Prince, as the fighting at the cement house, I bought it.

The 7-phase ophthalmic is not dried and dropped in the process of the Incular Cycle and the blocking line of the Guangdong Prix.

TOP4 survived Nynthesis, Guangdong Prix, Dana and Isphors, and Ethii.

Dana and 'Helen' were arranged to Guangdong Fricks 'Aka Card', and I was eliminated without the nynecology that is firmly guarding the cement house.

Changdong Changdong Prix has opened angles and caught the magnetic field, while the 'Lash' took the "Daylight" and took the right. Nynthes 'Dokdo' was used to cut "Hikari" using shotgun, but the Guangdong Prix 'card' was a centralized shot, and the 9-killed chicken was picked up with the opponent.