The DLC of Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files is accurate for an upcoming exit

The announcement fell yesterday on Twitter: the extension "The Kaito Files", which obviously has the associate ex-Yakuza Kaito in star for a piece of story that will be cut in four chapters, finally arrives at the end of the month. It will be learned more about the past of the Good Bourrin who will come back to haunt, the events taking place after the story of Lost Judgment : Yagami Absent, Kaito will take charge of the remaining suspense in their private detective agency, But one of them, very lucrative, directly concerns a person he thought disappeared...

News on Lost Judgment's Kaito Expansion! Change of heroes obliges, the gameplay goes a little evolve; At the Combat level, Kaito will have two styles (a tank and an offensive) with a skill tree that is their own, the opposite of the martial arts of Yagami. On the investigative side, he will have other gadgets at his disposal and will be much less subtle in infiltration or spinning, inevitably.

Given the excellent result obtained by the studio with Lost Judgment, I wait with great impatience to put my planters on Kaito's files, which will be available in this DLC as of March 28 in your cremeries, available for separate purchase if You do not already have it in an ultimate edition or the Season Pass.