Gothic shadow action "Eyes in the Dark" announced, to release on July 15th. Correspond to Japanese, challenge the strangeness of dip in the dark

Gearbox Publishing announced on April 22nd Scroll Action " Eyes in the Dark ". The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store). The release date is scheduled July 15th. According to the Store page of STEAM, this work corresponds to the Japanese language display.

"Eyes In The Dark" is a horizontal scroll action game that explores the house wrapped in the dark. The main character of this work is a girl named Victoria Bloom. She aims to help her grandfather's Victor Grandpa, with her pocket lamp to control the house of bloom house.

The house of the bloom house continues to change each time you play. The more the player searches for deeper, the more huge and dangerous enemies will appear. Although new areas are also waiting for powerful benefits, it is said that the strengthening of benefits and the corresponding weakness must be selected. It seems that both power and difficulty levels need to be balanced.

Weird-Ass Japanese Eyedrops (feels like acid in the eye) – VFX+

Among the house, strange monsters who looked like shadows are fucked. For these enemies, Victoria seems to compete with her flashlight and sling shot (pachinko). In addition, she finds new items by powering up her fight, and how to play changes. She attracts new gadgets and weapons modules, upgrades, etc., and prepare for the battle with a circle.

The house is a strong and huge guardian presence. In order to get back the house, it is essential to face such presence. By achieving the quest, the secret of her gods of her wind of Victoria is revealed. And strange gadgets and tricks are available, and it seems that you will help you go ahead.

The search element is also one of the best things in this work. By finding new items and combining those effects, it is likely that a synergy that is not expected will be produced. You can throw a match to the enemy and burn, or attack the enemy with a shiny shock. In addition, flashlight upgrades have various characteristics, and selections such as increasing damage or extending distance. The gadget also enables two-stage jumps, or the ability to throw time. Victoria seems to be able to fight variously.

Developing this work Under The Stairs is a studio based in Croatia and has seven staff. "Eyes in the Dark" is initially won the game jam work in 2014. We established studios since 2017 and started developing in earnest. Sometimes it seems to have had the difficulty in remote work and damage to the earthquake in Croatia Zagreb, but it seems to have reached a publishing contract with Gearbox Publishing through twists and turns.

"Eyes in the Dark" will be released on July 15 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).


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