How to find carbalite ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Carbalite ore-high-ranking material in the game Monster Hunter Rise. It is part of dozens of types of weapons and equipment and is in great demand. So how to find a carbalite ore in Monster Hunter Rise? We listed all the details below.

carbalite ore is available only at a high level.

Carbalite ore is available only in high-ranking quests. As a type of material “ore+”, you will find it only in places of gathering in versions of a high rank in the ruins of the sanctuary, flooded by the forest, ice island, sandy plains and lava caves.

As in the case of most ores, it is easiest to collect carbalite ore in lava caves, where it is easier to collect it due to a large number of outcrops.

percentage of carbalite ore collection

The percentage of the collection of carbalite ore is unknown, but it is very low. A more consistent and higher percentage way to collect it is a high rank loss of monsters or as a result of quests. Here, the probability of loss ranges between 10-20% in quests and 10-60% rewards in rewards for monsters.

Awards for completing the task Carbalite ore

The following quests have a chance to get a carbalite ore. They are listed with their percentage of loss:

knocked out of the rut *-10% rotten fruits -10% Take a great sword -10% Fiasco flooded forest *-13% Law caves -20% I can't kill with fire -20%

monsters from which carbalite ore falls

In addition to rewards for quests, Basarios drops carbalite ore using a number of methods. Again, we listed the methods below along with the percentage of loss:

Awards (target) *-12% thread (body) -10% carries out (tail) -10% Cares (my back) *-60% Awards for broken details (chest) -25% awards for broken details (back) -40% Flinch falling out -31% Flapsing materials (skiing on the Wyvern) *-39% Subjects received from Palico *-26%

The best weapon from carbalite ore

Carbalite ore is one of the most popular materials, because it is used in a huge amount of weapons and armor. But perhaps the best weapon comes from the main tree of the great sword of Kamur. The last weapon of this tree, Kamura-Ninja-STEC-a great unpleasant weapon. Moreover, so many great swords are branched from this tree that you will almost always use carbalite ore when you are the main great sword.


In addition, weapons, such as an Axenosom III ax, the heavy onion Tigrex Howl II and the hunting horn of Frog Flute II, need carbalite ore to improve. As a result, carbalite ore is necessary for advancement to Monster Hunter Rise.


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